Research Briefs

EvoNat Research Brief No.1_Gillespie_thumbEvolving Nationalism (EvoNat) Research Briefs examine issues surrounding the rise in sovereignty-based demands among movements based in the stateless nations and regions of western Europe. They are aimed at government bodies, political parties, business, international organisations, media professionals, NGOs and think tanks.

The series originates from the research project on ‘The Dynamics of Nationalist Evolution in Contemporary Spain’, funded by the Economic and Social Research Council of the UK. The study originally focused on Basque and Catalan pro-sovereignty movements before moving on to European-level comparison.

Series editors: Richard Gillespie ( and Caroline Gray (, University of Liverpool. We welcome proposals for contributions to the series. See also Evolving Nationalism Research Briefs guidelines.

Research briefs available to download:

No. 1 (Richard Gillespie): Pro-European nationalist parties and EU negativity: The place of Europe in Basque and Catalan sovereignty politics

No. 2 (Caroline Gray): The EU and substate fiscal autonomy, obstacle or opportunity? Lessons from the Basque region of Spain

No. 3 (Matthias Scantamburlo and Günther Pallaver): Between Secession and “Full Autonomy”: Party Competition over Self-Determination in South Tyrol