New book: Nationalist Politics and Regional Financing Systems in the Basque Country and Catalonia

czaghnyxgaazatfNationalist Politics and Regional Financing Systems in the Basque Country and Catalonia, a new book by Caroline Gray based on her PhD research, is now available for free download.

The book has been published by Ad Concordiam in their doctoral thesis collection. Bilbao-based Ad Concordiam is a non-for-profit association that seeks to promote understanding about the Basque Economic Agreement with Spain.

Download it here:

An interview with Caroline (in Spanish) about her PhD research, conducted by Ad Concordiam, is available here:



New Research Brief on South Tyrol

A new Evolving Nationalism Research Brief, by Matthias Scantamburlo and Günther Pallaver (University of Innsbruck), is now available for download:

No. 3 (Matthias Scantamburlo and Günther Pallaver): Between Secession and “Full Autonomy”: Party Competition over Self-Determination in South Tyrol

The research brief examines centre-periphery dynamics in Italy in relation to South Tyrol, focusing on the response of the hegemonic pro-autonomy South Tyrolean People’s Party (SVP) to increasing competition from secessionist parties.

See Research Briefs section for more information on the series. The editors welcome proposals for contributions.

New book

Contesting Spain? The Dynamics of Nationalist Movements in Catalonia and the Basque Country

9781857438062Published 13th July 2015

Edited by Richard Gillespie and Caroline Gray, this book offers a series of contributions exploring the dynamics behind contemporary shifts in the orientation of the Catalan and Basque nationalist parties and movements in Spain.

Versions of the chapters were originally published in Nationalism and Ethnic Politics, Volume 21, Issue 1, 2015.

New Evolving Nationalism Research Briefs Series

EvoNat Research Brief No.1_Gillespie_thumbWe are pleased to launch a new series of Evolving Nationalism (EvoNat) Research Briefs, to be made available through this website ( The Research Briefs will examine a range of issues surrounding the rise in sovereignty-based demands among movements based in the stateless nations and regions of western Europe. They are aimed at government bodies, political parties, business, international organisations, media professionals, NGOs and think tanks.

The first two research briefs, authored by series editors Richard Gillespie and Caroline Gray (University of Liverpool), are now available here:

No. 1 (Richard Gillespie): Pro-European nationalist parties and EU negativity: The place of Europe in Basque and Catalan sovereignty politics

No. 2 (Caroline Gray): The EU and substate fiscal autonomy, obstacle or opportunity? Lessons from the Basque region of Spain

Further contributions to the series by invited authors on a range of nations and regions will be published in the coming months.

New publication on Basque and Catalan nationalist dynamics

fnep20.v021.i01.coverA special issue of Nationalism and Ethnic Politics entitled ‘Contesting Spain? The Dynamics of Nationalist Movements in Catalonia and the Basque Country’ is available here. Guest-edited by Richard Gillespie and Caroline Gray, the collection explores the dynamics behind contemporary shifts in the orientation of nationalist parties and movements between pragmatic accommodationism and bids to assert claims to national sovereignty.


‘Between Accommodation and Contestation: The Political Evolution of Basque and Catalan Nationalism’ Richard Gillespie

‘When do Countries Re-centralize? Ideology and Party Politics in the Age of Austerity’ Diego Muro

‘Nationalist Politics at the Crossroads: The Basque Nationalist Party and the Challenge of Sovereignty (1998-2014)’ Ludger Mees

‘A Fiscal Path to Sovereignty? The Basque Economic Agreement and Nationalist Politics’ Caroline Gray

‘Catalan Independence and the Challenge of Credibility: The Causes and Consequences of Catalan Nationalist Parties’ Strategic Behaviour’ Anwen Elias

‘Political Power and Civil Counterpower: The Complex Dynamics of the Catalan Nationalist Movement’ Kathryn Crameri

‘The Evolution of Sub-state Nationalist Parties as Statewide Parliamentary Actors: CiU and PNV in Spain’ Bonnie N. Field

A book version will follow, published by Routledge within its Europa Country Perspectives series.

The contributions are based on papers originally presented at a workshop held at the Barcelona Centre for International Affairs (CIDOB) in September 2014, organised as part of the research project at the University of Liverpool on ‘The Dynamics of Nationalist Evolution in Contemporary Spain’.