Fiscal Sovereignty and Nationalist Politics

photo 1On Friday 17th April Caroline Gray participated in the ESRC Final Year PhD Student Conference held at the University of Oxford and presented a poster outlining her research on the impact of the regional financing models in Spain on the evolution of the territorial agendas of the Basque and Catalan nationalist parties.

Spain offers the opportunity to compare two different models of fiscal decentralisation in relation to two different nationalist movements. While Catalonia forms part of the common financing system which gives the regions relatively limited tax-raising competences and involves financial transfers from central government, the Basque CarolineGray_poster2015_thumbregion raises almost all of its own taxes under a separate system of substantial fiscal autonomy (the Concierto Económico or Economic Agreement).

The aim is to contribute to a fuller understanding of this subject in Spain itself but also to provide lessons for the UK as it begins to devolve greater fiscal powers to Scotland. What can the UK learn from the experiences of Spain in fiscal decentralisation and its consequences for both the fiscal management of the country and the evolution of nationalist movements?

Download a copy of Caroline’s poster here.

The poster is also available via the University of Liverpool’s online poster day here. To comment on Caroline’s research topic, log in using username postersonline and password postersonline and search for poster 81. All feedback is welcome. The event is open until 9th May.